Kimono Style

Hello everyone! I haven’t written a style post in a while, and today I am discussing one of the “it” items for this summer which is the Kimono. It’s not a jacket nor a vest, it’s there to make your outfit more stylish and more boho chic which I love! You can wear a kimono for many different occasions that I will mention below, but what’s important is for you to choose a kimono with bright colors and nice prints since it’s summer!
Where can you wear a kimono:

– Beach above your swimsuit
– Picnics
– Mountains since it gets a bit chilly
– work
– university
– Festivals
– Brunch, lunch, or even dinner( add some heels)

As you can see this item can be worn to basically anything so how about adding a Kimono to your summer closet?


Have a great weekend everyone!

Lara xx


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