Tuesday Tips: How to Make the Best out of Summer

Hello everyone! It’s finally and officially my summer vacation, and I couldn’t be any happier! Yesterday I submitted my last exam ever (till now haha), and today’s post is inspired by summer time. Every end of summer I listen to people complaining about how they thought their summer vacation passed by so quickly and they didn’t do anything significant, for that reason I will give you today a few tips based on my experience that might help you get organized with your summer.

Here we go…

1) Aim for an Internship:

Internships are very necessary for anyone in college, they help you understand your major better and how the real life works. Instead of staying home, go for an internship. It will help you meet new people and spend time doing something useful. If you really did well on that internship, it might land you a job in the future. You never know!

2) Discover Your Country:

If you don’t have any travelling plans this summer it’s not the end of the world, you can always go on trips in your country to discover new areas and new activities. Picnics and road trips are so much fun and a perfect way to spend weekends during this season. I come from Lebanon so one of my major goals this summer is to go around my country and discover new hidden areas that my beautiful country offers.

3) Go for Useful Classes:

I am sure most of you are not in the mood for studying but here I am talking about different types of classes. How about going to outdoor Yoga classes or any other activity you enjoy. You might as well learn a new language, or cooking classes. This will help you develop a new hobby or skill and also meet new people.

4) Try Something New

The best part of summer is the lovely weather that can really help you discover and try new things outdoors. How about trying something new this summer like scuba diving, (I’ve tried it in the red sea, one of the best experiences of my life) camping, rafting, or mountain climbing. New activities will help you feel a sense of accomplishment and will motivate you to always keep on trying something new.

5) Book a Ticket
One of the best parts of summer is travelling in the sunshine! When you visit a new country you will learn new things and discover new places which is the beauty of travelling and of life in general. Seeing new countries will enable you to see life in different perspectives and just grow! No need for a fancy vacation in order for you to have fun, plan something according to your budget and it will be as fun! Once you travel, you will get enough energy for the rest of the year which is crucial!


To get the best outcome of everything that you have planned it’s very important to be organized to make sure that everything you want can happen. Moreover, always try to document your interesting new experiences by photographs or maybe blogging! Happy summer everyone!

Lara xx


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