The Healthy Side of Life with Diet Center ME

Hello everyone! I have been waiting to reveal this surprise for a long time now, Lara Speaks Style is collaborating with the best place for healthy food and nutrition in the area which is the Diet Center!
I know the main focus of this blog is fashion and styling, but having a healthy lifestyle is one of the main ingredients of beauty, since being healthy is also being beautiful in life.
The best part of this collaboration is that I won’t be telling you not to eat chocolate or other examples of our guilty pleasures, instead, the Diet Center will provide healthier options and recipes alongside some useful exercises to keep your life healthy and most importantly, balanced.
This collaboration will happen on monthly basis, where every month there’s a big post with many tips and tricks to improve your eating habits and your lifestyle in general.
What would be more interesting is seeing you guys go with those tips, and showing me if you have lost or gained any weight, and how your life style improved. Your feedback is very important, and I am hoping those tips that will be offered by the Diet Center will be useful and motivating for you guys.
Stay tuned for our first post soon!

You can follow Diet Center on their Facebook page by clicking here

Lara xx


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