My Latest Favorite Beauty Products

Hello everyone! Today for the first time on the blog I am listing my latest favorite beauty products that I have been using lately to give you some tips based on my personal experience. The best part of today’s post is that the products range from face to hair and makeup products so I can help you in any beauty area you’re concerned about!


 This face cream is L’Oreal Hydra Total 5 for normal skin, they do have another options for different skin types. The best thing about this daily cream is that it feels so fresh and smells so good on the skin, and it instantly dries out without leaving oily marks on your skin. I apply it directly after I wash my face in the morning and just before I apply my makeup. It’s an excellent option if you are looking for a new daily cream and it’s very affordable compared to other daily creams.

My second favorite product is the same type of my daily cream, but this one is a makeup remover. It’s also L’Oreal Hydra Total 5. What I love about this makeup remover the most is that it really hydrates my skin and keeps it super soft after I remove my makeup which is very important.

My third favorite item is my new Manga mega volume mascara gifted to me by L’Oreal team. The other day I was out with one of my friends and she asked me, what have you done to your eyelashes, they seem thick and elongated. I told her that it’s just the mascara, and it was certainly this gem! I really recommend it ( soon I will post a makeup review on this product).


My fourth favorite has got to be Garnier Ultra Doux Creme de Soin. I have frizzy hair which tends to be really annoying even after I straighten my hair. I was really tired of all the frizz so I decided to give this product a try and I can’t be happy enough about it. First it smells insanely good, and it keeps your hair soft without making it look greasy which is very important for me (You can apply it on dry hair). Second, it removes all the frizz and it makes my hair become straight very quickly!  Third, it’s super affordable!

Last but not least, this is the sun screen that I use on daily basis. It’s SPF 50 which is very important to me now that it’s almost summer in my hometown. Using sun screen on daily basis is really important so that’s why I really advise you to find a good sun screen to protect you from the harmful sun rays.

Hope you found this post useful! I am sorry if the photos aren’t very clear, I can’t enlarge them due to some technical issues with blogger, but you can click on the photo to see it in better quality. Have a great weekend!

Lara xx


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