What’s in My Bag

Zara trf bag

Hello everyone and happy Saturday! I’ve been wanting to do one of those posts for a long time, and today I finally decided to blog the blogger’s famous “What’s in My Bag”post!
In the past, when I was still in school, my bag used to consist of literally rubbish! I had gum papers, Kleenex, empty candy boxes, and just all types of rubbish! I was frustrated, I wanted to have this organized bag that contained just everything I want, and not useless stuff. As I grew up, I became a purseaholic, I literally favor bags over any other piece in my closet, and that’s when I started taking really good care of my bags, and organizing what goes in there.
There are a few must have items that go in my bag everyday that you will see in this post, excluding my agenda which is also present in my bag at all times

My number 1 item is certainly my Ted Baker wallet, who can leave the house without money!! Then comes my favorite new finds, Bath and Body Works sanitizers, they smell insanely good, and the smell sticks on your hand for a really long time. My other must haves are my Maybelline lip balm and basically any lipstick, here I have my pink Seventeen lipstick that I got a while ago. Next comes my beloved Victoria’s Secret spray in a coconut/vanilla scent, my favorite! Another must have items are my sunglasses, these are from VERO MODA, my keys obviously haha, and something to refresh my breath like gum, or here Ice Breakers!

What are your must have items in your bag?

Lara xx


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