Get Me Some Floral Pants

Hello everyone! One of my favorite trends for this season is not necessarily the newest trend in town, but certainly one that can’t be missed! Floral pants are the best alternative to your leggings and jeans after a cold winter, they bring so much color and life to your outfit and that’s what spring & summer is all about.
Usually spring & summer outfits consist of dresses, shorts, jumpsuits, and skirts. But, you should always fit in your floral colorful pants since they have a wonderful effect on your overall outfit.
However, there’s a little trick with wearing floral pants, once you decide to wear them, you should make sure that every other aspect of your outfit is simple and subtle. If you added more colors, and accessories, you will end up with a chaotic outfit, so try to avoid that as much as possible.

Here are some outfit inspirations!

Love!!, you can find them at ZARA

Have a lovely weekend!

Lara xx


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