The Adventurous Side of Me

Hello everyone! Do you remember the post that I wrote last month which listed down some changes that I will be doing in my life? Well if not you can read it here! In this post I discuss how I want to try new things in my life, and venture into new experiences, and I promised to report everything new I do on the blog as a motivation for you guys! Last Saturday I went wall climbing for the first time ever, it’s for my psychology project but there’s no doubt that it looked much easier before I tried it.
The wall was just a practice before climbing an actual mountain, and it was a true challenge!
I will hopefully go mountain climbing soon, now that the weather is perfect for such an activity. I will report it back to you as promised, and hopefully this will motivate you to try mountain climbing or any other adventurous activity!
I know I have been a bad blogger lately, but I promise you with amazing new posts coming soon, and a lovely surprise which I am sure you will all love! Can’t wait!!

Below are pictures of the beautiful place where I was wall climbing:)

What’s your must-try activity?

Lara xx


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