Tuesday Tips: How to be More Organized

Hello everyone! It’s a new month already, which means many of you guys are planning some changes, maybe a diet, quit smoking, or be more organized. Today’s Tuesday Tips discusses thoroughly how you can be more organized.
Being organized is much more than keeping your closet or your desk clean. Being organized means having a well planned life, it means being punctual and always on time, and it means having set goals for the near or the distant future. However, many people fail at arriving on time, some find a hard time in completing tasks, or even in keeping everything in place and in order. For that reason I am giving you today a few tips to remain organized and focused in anything you want.

1) Own an agenda
I can’t leave my house without my mini agenda, and this should be you as well! Agendas are an excellent tool to plan and to accomplish goals since you have a set of “to do” tasks that are right in front of you. Agendas help you stay focused and motivated until you cross off what you had to do. Moreover, if you are a person who forgets a lot, the agenda is an excellent tool to overcome this bad habit.

2) Set Alarms
Some of us have find it very difficult to be on time. This is one of the worst habits that one person can possess, that’s why you can start setting alarms to remind you to go out of your house, or order a cab or whatever you have to do. Slowly, you won’t need an alarm anymore, and you will naturally synchronize yourself to be always on time.

3) Use Checklist
Checklists are an amazing way to remember things, just like an agenda. Checklists are for small tasks like grocery shopping, or office work. They help you organize your day, and make sure that you did everything that you are supposed to do.

4) Fashion Wise
Try to fix your closet on monthly basis to see what you want and don’t want anymore
– Force yourself into buying the funky and creative organizing tools like shoe closets, or makeup organizers. They make your shoes, makeup, accessories, etc look nicer and they will always be in place.
– Never buy something that you already  have in a very similar design. It will result in a crowded closet.

Hope you found this post useful! Do you follow me on Pinterest? @laraajouz

Lara xx


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