Birthday Party Ideas

Hello everyone! Today’s inspiration comes from the fact that this month it’s my birthday and I am looking for some party inspiration. Sometimes, the simplest ideas generate the best outcomes, and in today’s post you will see how the easiest and simplest things can be truly beautiful.
You don’t have to choose the most expensive and the most extravagant place, you can make the simplest place a beautiful venue if you know how to decorate your table with creative settings and some colorful balloons. If you have a garden or a friend’s garden, you can decorate it with beautiful flowers, balloons, and candles and the outcome will be spectacular trust me. You can also go for your own rooftop or your friend’s rooftop.
In the below pictures you will also see cake alternatives that are super simple and very cute, so for this year how about a change of habit and going for something different instead like cupcakes, donuts, or even pancakes!
You can also go  for different themes depending on your mood. My best friend for instance went for a flower crown theme for her birthday and she looked stunning. You can go for a masks party or maybe an all white party if you are in the garden at daylight! Try to fill the place with balloons, and use a Polaroid camera for some lovely photos that would capture the memories.
As you can see, simplicity is always the key for something beautiful yet sophisticated. No need to always spend so much money where you can make something much more beautiful with less money!
Here are some photos for inspiration

For more birthday outfit inspiration check out one of my previous posts here

Lara xx


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