Time for New Beginings this March

Hello everyone, happy new month! I can’t believe that it’s March already! This month I will turn 21 for that reason I decided to start this month with a motivational and inspirational post aside from fashion and styling tips. I think it’s important to look back and reflect on certain things and try to change things that you don’t like. The past months were beautiful yet emotionally stressful, but I think time has come to make a few changes. Change is frightening yet beautiful and that’s why I always try to venture into new things like I ventured into this very precious blog back when I had the feeling that I needed to change something about my life. This year is going to be very exciting for me, aside from turning 21 I will hopefully graduate from university which is a major milestone.
So for all of you guys who feel the need to change something and start something new, go ahead and start. Go build your dreams and chase your passions in life. Don’t let anything set you back no matter what! If you got your heart broken, find time for yourself and try to do things that you enjoy, eventually someone will come along and love you for whatever you are doing and for your personality.
This month I will start writing down a few things I want to change in my life but I’ve made a few notes already. I want to travel more, try new food, record video diaries, invest in a new camera, enjoy my time with the girls, go for more fashion, watch more movies, and just randomly walk around my city and discover some hidden beauty. I think it’s when you feel down the most, you start getting ideas of new ways of living and new goals so go ahead and start accomplishing.
As for me, I will always try to blog my new accomplishments, and I am hoping this blog will motivate you as well.
I hope you liked this mini confessions post, and I am hoping this month brings the best to you!

Lara xx


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