Dubai Diary

Hello everyone! As promised, here’s a few of my iPhone photos for what I was doing back when I was in Dubai for a vacation. It was so much fun and much needed after the most tiring semester till now! It was really good seeing some family members that I haven’t seen for years, and also seeing this amazing city. My stay was very short but I had the chance to visit the biggest and most tiring mall I have ever seen in my life haha, the Dubai mall. I was also astonished by the lovely fountain show. Fashion was definitely one of my favorite things about this city, since you have so many places to visit but sadly not enough time! I was also able to do many other activities in the UAE, but for sure I’ll be visiting again to do other stuff like visit Atlantis ( when it’s a bit warmer), and go for a safari.
One thing I can say, can’t wait to be back! Here are some photos.

One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life. Sunset over the clouds


happy shopper


Aquarium in the middle of the mall-only in Dubai


Tallest bldg in the world! Burj Khalifa

sugar heaven

more shopping


City at night

On my back to Beirut


A little souvenir!

Happy kid

exploring Sephora

Lara xx 


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