Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Hello everyone! All websites and companies are buzzing about Valentine’s day which is just around the corner. With so many gift guides, packages, and style tips, I am doing things differently on the blog today. I’ve always been a helpless romantic person, and I believe in those special days like Valentine’s day or anniversaries to celebrate with a special person. However, it was always the sentimental things that made my day and not materialistic items. There’s no doubt that receiving a gift is one of the joys of life, but receiving non materialistic things are much more meaningful. That’s why today’s gift guide deals with non materialistic things, and jests that are coming straight from the heart which will make the significant other smile in seconds.

1) Do a scrapbook with all your special moments and memories. You can put your favorite photos and some cute comments that only you can understand. This scrapbook can last a lifetime and it has the power of making you travel in time to your special times. Moreover, it shows effort and time which means the world.

2) Do a video with all your memories. It can include a series of pictures, or a special message, or actual videos of you guys. You can also combine all the 3 together and the result would be a beautiful meaningful video which you can always watch and remember the good times.

3) If you guys live together, surprise the significant other with a breakfast or a dinner. Even if you are the worst cook out there, just the mere fact that you put some effort to cook means the world and it would make your loved one smile and remember this moment forever. There’s nothing more precious than seeing your love put so much effort even if he/she is bad at what they’re doing.

4) Take your loved one to a special place which brings back old memories. Like the place where you met, or your first date together. In my opinion, going back to the places where you first met or first did something special will bring back amazing memories and will surprise the significant other.

5) Use your special talent to impress your significant other. If you are a musician try playing a special song while having dinner or doing anything you like. If you are an artist, paint something special for that special someone. Using your talents will always be amazing and sentimental which shows love and appreciation.

As you can see, the best gifts don’t have to cost money. The best gifts are the ones coming straight from the heart since they show true love and effort which is needed in any relationship. Follow these tips to make this Valentine’s day different from any year, and share this post if you like it!

Lara xx


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