Today’s Mood: February

Hello everyone! I landed in my hometown Beirut a few hours ago after an amazing vacation in Dubai which I will be blogging about soon. I got all my batteries recharged and I am ready for my last semester in university after a few days, I can’t believe that I am soon to graduate!! Today’s mood board posts continue and this time for the month of February. I got so much inspiration from the trip so I feel like I am a mix of so many moods, but here’s my current mood

1) Today’s Deco mood

Today’s sunglasses mood: Leopard sunglasses

3) Today’s food mood: Been craving sushi for ages!

4) Today’s color mood: Powder Pink
5) Today’s destination mood: Sailing- yep missing summer terribly!
6) Today’s hair mood (or probably the hair mood for the entire spring/summer season): Flower crowns

What’s your mood like this season? If you haven’t seen last month’s mood post check it out here

Lara xx


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