The Midi Skirt

Hello everyone! I am finally back on the blog after 2 weeks of hectic exam weeks. Good news is I will be having 13 days of vacation and I am planning amazing things for the blog!
Today’s topic is the midi skirt, I really love this trend since it adds a super chic timeless look to your outfit. You can wear it in different colors and patterns, but if you decided to wear it with patterns make sure that everything else is simple. However, midi skirts are tricky since they are not suitable for all body types! If you have long legs, this skirt is perfect for you, but if you have short legs this skirt can make you look shorter, so you should always wear it with high heels and make sure it’s not too flowy, just the regular!

Many of you might think that wearing this skirt will make you look too over the top if you are going out just with friends for the night, but this skirt can look perfect for many occasions, here are a few:

– A wedding if it was styled with the right accessories
– An engagement party
– A baby shower
– Your birthday!
– A graduation ceremony
– A fancy brunch or dinner

As you can see it can work perfectly for many occasions! Here are some outfit inspirations:

PS : I will be spending a few days between Dubai and Abu Dahbi this vacation so I am so excited to be sharing my traveling experience on the blog!

Lara xx


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