Welcome to the New Lara Speaks Style

Hello everyone! I have been waiting for this day for months, the day I reveal the new Lara Speaks Style. I decided to team up with my childhood best friend and favorite graphic designer Zahra Basma. When I told her what’s on my mind she instantly translated it to art, and I fell in love with it at first sight! I decided to do this change because change is always good, and I wanted a more professional look for my blog which is slowly growing. I wanted something unique and a stand out look for my blog so that it would be known for a logo and not just it’s name.
Nothing will change with the launch of this new look, things will only get better hopefully! You will see more styling tips, more red carpet fashion, more personal life tips alongside a few new surprises on the blog which I won’t be revealing now. However, it is important to know that my blog grows with the input of your ideas and your requests and that’s why I always urge you to email me on laraspeaksstyle@gmail.com to make this blog a helpful and guiding experience for you!

In addition, you will start seeing more of myself, the blog has been live for a year now, and it’s time to show you more of my personal style hoping it will inspire you as well!

I want to thank everyone for his/her support, without your messages and your advice my blog would mean nothing. A huge thank you to my amazing Zahra for her unbelievable effort in making this come true. I will never be able to thank her enough, but I knew through all these years of seeing her work as a designer and a photographer, that she will be able to stand out and reach all her dreams!

I hope you loved the new LSS look, and I would love to see your feedback by either commenting below or by emailing me!

Lara xx

If you would like to contact the designer of this blog you can email her on zahraalibasma@gmail.com


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