Trend Radar: The Suit

Hello everyone! Today’s trend is one of my current obsessions and certainly a must have, it’s the suit!
I really love suits especially the ones with the same print, they give such an elegant and edgy look. Whether printed or plain, suits work perfectly if you have a job interview or if you are a corporate lady, they can also work for an important business lunch. I am also obsessed with the summer suits that consist of shorts and the blazer, this suit is perfect for a summer brunch, lunch, and even a big night out. The more the colors and patterns in the summer suit, the edgier and sexier the look so I really advise you to shop for this type for the coming season.
Now back to the corporate suit look, if you want to break the boring  look you can add a statement necklace or a stylish shirt. You can also choose suits in different colors to break the rule! My favorite suit colors would be nude colors, white, and why not go for electric blue or red!
Here are some photos for inspiration:

As you can see this style is spectacular for summer day, and can look so stylish for work!

Lara xx


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