Top 3 : Boots Styles

Hello everyone! Today’s post continues with winter must haves this season with another Top 3 edition. I’ve discussed several trends with clothing and accessories and today it’s time to discuss more about shoes! In winter we can’t always wear heels or flats because of the rain and that’s why we need the perfect stylish boots to complete the look!
Here are my top 3 boots styles for winter:

1) Biker Boots

I really love biker boots, they are very stylish and they give you this rocker chic look. You can wear biker boots for work, university, school, and even for the night!
Some biker boots are water resistant so make sure you shop for those

2) Thigh High Boots

These boots give you an instant chic look, they are perfect with short skirts or dresses and they work really well for work as well as the night outings. If you don’t have long legs this type of boots will still look good on you don’t worry, as long as you are wearing something short like a skirt or dress.

3) Rain Boots
These boots are perfect for rainy days since you can guarantee that not a single drop of water will enter your shoes. You can wear them in many colors and patterns to create a stylish look. Make sure you pair them up with some leg warmers since they tend to make you feel a bit colder. They are perfect for school/ university and work!



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