One Year…New Year

If I could describe 2013, I would say it’s the year of following my dreams! One year ago and just about this time I decided to become fearless and start this long lasting dream of mine of opening a blog. It’s fascinating how one decision can really change your life! In very few months my blog was viewed by more than 20 countries, and today more than 65 countries from all around the world see my blog which makes me insanely happy. This year was different from any other year, it was the year of fearlessly chasing my dreams no matter what anybody said. So many people from my community still don’t understand why I have this blog and what I do exactly, and my answer to them is that I am following my dream and slowly entering the fashion industry.
In this year I had the pleasure of working with Leanna from Leanna’s boutique, Nicoletta Parodi, Lina Brax the Brand, Raghunter, VERO MODA, Eudora accessories, Nada G Jewelry, MOUNAY, and was featured on Le Blog de Chanty in her meet the blogger section. Most importantly I built a small virtual family online consisted of amazing and super talented bloggers and people in the fashion industry. I was lucky enough to meet many of them but I am hoping to meet the rest in 2014.
Many small events really made my year as a blogger like attending VERO MODA x RAGMAG’s big reveal party which was so much fun, and attending the avant premiere of Catching Fire thanks to Deek Duke.
If there’s one thing I am thankful for is you my friends, family, and readers for your continuous support. I am blessed with a super supportive family and an angel in the sky who is the reason why I am following my dreams. A big thank you to my friends who attended events with me and shared my posts, your comments and suggestions really mean the world to me! Thanks to every single person who shared my posts on social media or gave me a simple comment, they really make my day, and a big thanks to Layal, Omar, Farah, Zahra, and Maya for taking outfit photos!!

For 2014, I will definitely continue in following my dreams and I am hoping for more collaborations soon! I will continue on posting the latest trends, red carpet fashion, Tuesday Tips, and much more! One thing is for sure, you will see a new Lara Speaks Style look very soon on my blog thanks to my lovely friend and graphic designer Zahra! I really hope this year bring the best to you, and I hope you follow all your dreams and start something new!


Thanks for everything!

Lara xx


2 thoughts on “One Year…New Year

  1. Hi Lara,
    On behalf of the Deek Duke team we would like to encourage you to keep following your dreams and hopefully you will reach all your goals! We are glad you enjoyed the avant premiere of The Hunger Games and hopefully you will enjoy some more this year.
    Good luck.
    Ghenwa Tarabay


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