NYE Style Guide

I am writing this post with severe heart ache after the unfortunate events that took place in my country Lebanon, and after a few days off on the blog it’s time to continue hoping for a better year free of sadness and traumatizing events.
New year’s eve is usually very important since it marks new beginnings and new resolutions, for me my new beginning was starting this blog, and for you it can mark new achievements and decisions. However, one of the most asked questions is what to wear on this important night and how to look different from any other night.
Sequins are my number 1 option for this night! You can wear a sequined dress, skirt, shorts, jacket, or even purse depending on what you find since all the sparkles are perfect for this festive night. You can also go for a lace cocktail dress with an open back or sides, and you can try colors other than black like nude tones, burgundy, shades or any other color you find!
Moreover, choose embellished clutch and shoes to give an added sparkle and edge to your outfit!
Here are some photos for inspiration, if you haven’t found your perfect outfit yet, hit the stores and search for the evening section, you’ll find exactly what I am talking about!!




More on NYE style check out holiday jewelry, and tis the season to be jolly
Stay tuned for a special New Year’s post tomorrow for it will be 1 year for my blog!!
Lara xx

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