Tuesday Tips: Holiday Eating Guide

Hello everyone! Today’s Tuesday Tips post is made especially for this season since we tend to binge eat and drink all the time!
With all the irresistible food surrounding us at all times, it’s hard to stay on a diet or to keep our bodies in good shape, that’s why today’s post helps you eat healthier and choose wiser. It’s important to enjoy all the delicious food that this season has to offer and abstaining is not the key, yet it’s important to moderate and not take things too far.
After a special request to make this post, I made some research and here are my few eating guidelines for this holiday season.

1) During this time we all know that we will be eating more than usual so squeezing in a 30 mins workout is a must. If you don’t have time to workout just try other alternatives like using the stairs, carrying your own grocery bags, or walk instead of driving.

2) If you have a big dinner try not to eat a big portion for breakfast and lunch.

3) Always start with salads and greens, and try to add more vegetables to your plate and eat them first. This includes eating less turkey and less carbs since they are hard to digest.

4) Try to control and limit your alcohol intake since drinking more makes you more hungry. Even if you are drinking non alcoholic drinks try to limit them since they are loaded with calories. Diet drinks make a better substitute.

5) If you are cooking try choosing  healthier alternatives by reducing frying and choosing grilled options instead. This option is not only less in calories but also healthier!

Try to enjoy yourselves and eat anything you want but just do it in moderation and keep yourself physically active! If you liked this article make sure you share it!!

Happy Holidays,
Lara xx


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