Christmas Dinner Attire

Hello everyone! Now that Christmas eve is approaching, it’s important to give a few tips on how to look appropriate and beautiful for a Christmas dinner.
This is an occasion that calls for an elegant yet edgy look. You don’t want to look just like you do everyday, you want to look special and festive for this season.
Here are a few tips:

– Sequins are an excellent option. You can wear a sequined blazer or skirt/shorts/shirt it all depends on what item you like.

– Red dresses might seem as a cliche but they look amazing for Christmas season. Pair them with beautiful jewelry and bold makeup

– No one can give up on LBD ( Little Black Dress) and it can for sure come in handy for this dinner. Pair it with an embellished clutch or shoes and dark lips. The result will be perfect!

– Try not to wear jeans to avoid looking too casual which is not a right option for Christmas Dinner.

– You can also make a statement with a stand out blazer, but keep everything else simple

– Statement jewelry is also a must just like I have pointed out before. The can take your casual outfit to a whole new level!



For more Christmas Attire inspiration visit holiday jewelry, and Tis the Season to be Jolly.

Happy Holidays!!

Lara xx


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