Winter Favorites: Top 3 Hair Accessories

Hello everyone! During winter, our regular accessories can’t always be helpful in an outfit because of excessive layering to avoid the cold, that’s why we rely on accessories of a different kind.
Today I am listing my top 3 hair accessories for winter that can add a pop of color,pop of chic, and pop of edgy which is needed! Without further ado here’s the list:

1) The Beanie

Beanies are a must have in winter, they can protect you from the cold and add a pop of style to your outfit. My advice for you is to buy colorful beanies to break the dark monochromatic winter colors.


2) The Headband

Headbands are very similar to beanies, they can also work everyday for work or university/school.
They add an edge to your look which is amazing

3) The Hat

I really love this final accessory for winter. It really makes your outfit very chic and sophisticated even if your are wearing a very casual outfit. This hat can look beautiful with a dress or pants and a blazer.

As you can see these hats can really transform your winter outfits by keeping you warm at the same time. I made sure to shop from each of these hats and you should start shopping for yours as well to keep your winter outfits effortlessly stylish!

Lara xx


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