How to Elongate Your Legs

Hello everyone, Oh boy how I’ve missed blogging! The past month was very hectic, I had so many exams and deadlines, so I couldn’t dedicate enough time for the blog.
Today’s blog post is a must read to my not so tall ladies like me. Luckily there are a few tricks to elongate your legs, and some tips don’t require wearing your heels so it’s not painful!
Sometimes, petite and short ladies wear the wrong items which shorten the legs and that is something you must avoid! One example is folding your pants, that is a complete no no since it actually makes your legs seem shorter than they actually are!
Below are a few tips to elongate your legs!

1) Wear 1 colored shoes + pants/tights which gives the illusion of longer legs

 2) Wearing nude pumps is also an amazing way to elongate your legs, especially if your are wearing a dress or shorts

3) High waisted pants can also elongate your legs, but if your are a curvy lady try to avoid this look since it focuses on your waist.

In general, wearing same color outfits are also an amazing way to show elongated legs. Try following these tips, they work perfectly with me and I am hoping that it works with you too!

For all your questions don’t hesitate to contact me on

Lara xx


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