10 Things About Me

Hello everyone! In today’s post I thought of blogging about something unique and related to me. I never really include any personal life details on the blog so I thought why not publish 10 fun things about to so that you can get to know me better!
Without further ado here’s the list!

One of my favorite shows ever is South Park, so I can’t pass a day without watching an episode or two!

I really love drinking tea, even with flavors, so for that reason I can never pass a day without drinking tea after lunch. Works perfectly in cold weathers!

I am obsessed with Electronic/House/Progressive music. You can rarely find me listening to something else when I have my earphones on. This type of music takes me somewhere else and I just love it!!

I have a major weakness when it comes to dogs! I really love dogs, you can find me following them around the street or just randomly checking out dog pictures and videos on Instagram. However, I am not allowed to have a dog at home. Shame!

Following my #3 fact, my number one dream and goal in life is to be able to be in Tomorrowland! It’s a huge 3 day festival in Belgium which gathers around dj’s from all around the world. I am really hoping to be able to make it someday and cross my number 1 wish on my bucket list!

I know this might sound a bit weird but I am obsessed with contest cooking shows haha! I really love to see how a dish is prepared and how the judges will pick the best dish. Plus those dishes look insanely delicious I can’t help it!

Other than fashion I was into music as a child. I played the piano for six years but now I haven’t been playing for a while. However, for the new year I would love to get back to my piano skills and practice more often.

I am passionate about traveling. I live in such a small country and I would just love to go around the world and discover new places and new cultures. However, I have a slight fear of takeoffs haha, but this won’t stop me from traveling! PS: My number 1 travel place on my wish list is NYC!

I really hate pessimistic people and I hate being around them. Life is not always rainbows and flowers, and one must be able to get on his feet and get going without being so dull and hopeless.

I would love to have my own bags line someday! Yes I dream big haha

A huge Thank you to my photographer/graphic designer friend Zahra Basma for these photos. You will see more from her incredible talents soon on the blog!
Lara xx  


2 thoughts on “10 Things About Me

  1. This is such a fun post to do!
    and we have a lot in common especially #2, #6 and #8
    (i thought it was only me who likes watching all the cooking shows available on tv, but it's good to find someone who understands me :P)


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