The Statement Shades

Hello everyone, and again I am sorry for the lack of updates, busy busy week!
When it comes to fashion we always discuss the importance of the latest trends and the latest must have bags, shoes, accessories, etc. Yet, we rarely give attention to sunglasses that can be a very essential part of our outfit.
When you go to work or university in your very basic tee and jeans, sometimes all you need is your statement shades that would do all the difference! Even when you are out for an important event or a lunch, you statement shades can complete your stylish look.
In winter season, go for dark and oversized shades. You can also wear mirrored sunglasses, they will look amazing with a beanie!
Here are some inspirations

Don’t forget to join me tomorrow at Ginette Gemmayze if you are in beirut from 1 pm till 10pm! I will be there to give you a few styling tips!

Lara xx


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