Fall Colors: Navy

Hello everyone! After Khaki, today’s color pick is Navy which is one of the best colors for this season. I have already mentioned several times that fall/winter season relies more on darker colors, and navy is one of the essential must haves in your closet which can easily go with any outfit.
 Below are a few tips to help you wear your navy outfits in easy ways:

Quick Tips:
– Navy looks beautiful with your basic jeans which means you can wear this color more frequently.
– Having a navy coat is a good idea for the cold weather since it goes with so many colors like grey for example.

– Navy looks really stylish with earth tone colors such as brown, beige, cream, etc.
– You can pair navy with leopard and zebra prints, it will give you a super stylish look!
– Navy nail color is perfect for this season make sure you try it!
– For big night outs navy looks perfect with a sequined top ( silver or gold)
– Navy looks perfect with Burgundy (oxblood) – one of the best colors this season!!
– Navy bags are a must have this season and they go with every outfit so buying one would be a good option!

So as you see this color can really go with everything and is very suitable for this cold season, so don’t forget to shop navy!


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s special post! If you have any requests or questions email me on laraspeaksstyle@gmail.com

Lara xx


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