Fall / Winter Nail Colors

Hello everyone! After the fall/winter makeup ideas, I thought it would be useful to post something related to nail colors. In summer we usually add a pop of bright and vibrant colors to our nails, in winter it’s the total opposite, it’s time to apply darker colors.
There are a thousand shades of dark colors, but make sure you go with these colors:

– Black
– Grey
– Dark purple
– Dark blue
– Dark green
– Nude tones, when you are bored with dark colors such as shades of brown and beige
– Dark red
– silver and gold nails are really in this season, they will look perfect for the night!

-Basically, you can go with any dark color, and avoid the flashy neon colors since they don’t match with this season at all!
– go for simple nail designs for a change in nail style

Here are some color shades for you to try, which color is your favorite?


For more on nails check out geometric nails

Lara xx



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