Life Lessons in Fashion

Hello everyone! Today’s article is a topic that I have been wanting to talk about for a long time, and after discussing it with so many people I thought why not discuss it on my favorite discussion area which is my blog!
Nowadays, I feel like people really need to know some lessons or advise when it comes to fashion. I am not claiming to be a fashion expert or a person that you should instantly listen to, but I am hoping I can reach some of you. If you have the same opinion, share my article and let others see these small tips!

Lesson #1
Brands are not equivalent to being stylish! If you wear brands from head to toe that doesn’t mean you are so fashionable and stylish. We all like to have our precious bags or shoes, but if you want to shop, don’t waste all your money on brands. Style can be made with $10 t-shirts and $20 purses, so no need to make a huge deal out of brands. As you can see I always try to emphasize the importance of recycled looks and where to shop trends in affordable places because after all it’s all about how you style your looks, and not how much you paid for them.

Lesson #2
If something is trendy and fashionable for a certain season you don’t have to like it! Style is all about different tastes, so if you don’t adapt to that new trend it’s okay, be yourself always in fashion and don’t wear something you don’t like! If everyone else is wearing it, you don’t have to be the same 😉

Lesson #3
Add your personality to your style because style is all about how you assemble your outfits to come up with something beautiful. If you add a touch of yourself in every outfit, you will feel more comfortable and confident which is the key in a beautiful look!

Lesson #4
If you’re into fashion that doesn’t mean you are shallow or stupid! It’s really important to know that in this fast paced world, first impressions is all we got, and looking decent is very important to give a good first impression. Fashion is art just like music or painting, and anyone claiming that it’s stupid or shallow is probably not aware of this fact!

If you have any advice that you would like to share, please provide it on the comment box below!
Hope you liked today’s “unique” post, stay tuned for more 😀

Lara xx



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