Tuesday Tips: Guys Gift Guide

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hear very often the same question, “What should I get my guy friend or boyfriend for his birthday”, and most of you struggle with that. In today’s post I will be giving you a few gift ideas taking into consideration the variation in the budget that you have in mind for that gift.
There’s one thing that you need to remember, guys are not that difficult, and some are very easy to please, so you no need to worry!

If your guy friend or boyfriend is into sports here’s a few gift ideas:

– Buy him his favorite team’s jersey, it will make their day trust me!
– If he already has a jersey, you can buy something that he can use or wear to the gym ( the gym accessories)
– Buy him his favorite pair of sneakers
– If you live in an area with a local basketball, football, rugby, etc.. you can buy 2 tickets to the game! This might need a bit of saving but it’s a good option if that person is very dear to your heart.

If your guy friend or boyfriend is a musician:

– If he plays the guitar and you hear him mentioning that he needs a new one, you can save up and surprise him with a new guitar! ( depends on how close you two are)

– Take him to watch a local band or a concert.
– You can buy his favorite headphones
– If he’s an aspiring DJ, you can get him a starter’s DJ set.

If your guy friend or boyfriend is into photography:

– You can buy photography books to help him improve his skills
– If you are willing to spend a good amount of money, you can buy him a new lens!

The gift ideas mentioned above are made for your guy’s specific hobbies and interests. However, there are other gift ideas that can pretty much work on any guy such as:

– Wallet
– A new watch ( there are different price ranges so you shouldn’t worry about that)
– Perfume
– Inviting him for dinner at his favorite place
– Memorable booklet of your photos together with some nice words.
– Get a gift card that he can use based on what he wants.
– sunglasses

I hope you liked today’s post and you are no longer feeling that stressed and worried about gift ideas! If you know someone who’s also lost, make sure you share this article!

Lara xx



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