Top 3: Favorite Pants Styles

Hello everyone, In today’s post I will be discussing the top 3 pants styles that you should be rocking this season!
1) Leather
First I will begin with my favorite, the leather pants! These pants are perfect for fall, they make you look super chic and stylish. Since they are usually very tight, try pairing them up with flowy items on the top especially fur coats which in my opinion would complete the look. Your leather pants can look stunning in colors other than black, such as oxblood like you will see in one of the pictures below.
Here are a few pictures to help you style your leather pants.

2) Polka Dots
The second trend is pants with polka dots which are a huge thing now! They are very stylish and they can pretty much go with everything! I really like that polka dot pants have the ability to really pop up your look with a very simple top and blazer, or shirt. Here are a few photos.



3) Ripped
The last trend in my top 3 styles is ripped pants. When I mention ripped pants I mean the ones that are slightly ripped, since there are lots of super ripped pants that I am not really a fan of. Less skin is much better especially during the cold season. You can pair your slightly ripped pants with everything! You can try a casual look with a t-shirt and a jacket and converse, or you can make it dressier with a blazer, heels, and a clutch! It all depends on the way you style it. Here are a few photos

You can find these pants all around stores and online so don’t worry about not finding them!

More  pants styles on pants and prints, and how to wear your boyfriend jeans

Lara xx


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