Tuesday Tips: How to Break Your Routine

Hello everyone, it’s time for a new Tuesday Tips edition which I am sure most of you would benefit from! For all my first time readers, Tuesday Tips is a post where I choose a topic not necessarily related to fashion like hair care tips, or tips on friendships and ways to make it through your daily life troubles.
Today’s topic is very important because we all suffer from daily life routine whether we realize it or not. It’s good to realize that you are living in a certain pattern since it will allow you to work on steps to change that routine. If you don’t realize this, then maybe your friends or family members will point it out eventually.
To get out of that undesirable routine, follow these simple steps that you can easily apply without drastically changing your life!

1) Change something about your look! I really do believe in the power of a simple makeover whether in a new haircut, new hair color, or maybe a change in style! This makeover will give you the sense of a new lifestyle and a new fresh start which is a great routine breaker!

2) Try new places, ALWAYS! This is one issue I really suffer from with my friends, we always find ourselves going to the same places for dining or anything else. Try to always ask people you know of places they recommend for any activity you want ( eating, clubbing, picnic..), or try to read reviews online. Changing places will really break your routine, and if you didn’t like that place, well at least you tried!

3) Change something about your bedroom or living room by adding a new piece of furniture or changing the paint. You can also rearrange the furniture in your room which will also make it seem new and fresh. Seeing the same setup in our homes is one type of living in a routine so changing scenery is also very important and helpful

4) Working in an office can be a very tiring routine especially if you carry all your work load to your home! Try to avoid that as much as possible by keeping your work to your office only. When you are out of the office try to go to the gym, or assign specific days with your friends for sushi night or movie night. These activities really can break your routine.

5) Try to make the best of your weekend since your weekend should really recharge all your batteries for a new week of work or studying. Go to a different area each weekend, and try to do different activities and see different groups of people.

These are a few tips to try to break your routine which can be a serious cause of depression! Don’t be afraid of small changes in your life because they keep your days exciting and they motivate you to do more!

Lara xx


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