Start Your Shopping Experience with RAGHUNTER

Ever wondered how easy your life would be if you can check out stores collection online without having to go to each store and search for hours? With RAGHUNTER you can browse collections online and much much more!
Ever since I heard of RAGHUNTER’s concept I was very eager to know more from Narina Najm and Serene Abbas, the founders of this creative and efficient website that can really simplify your life.
As you enter their website (click here), you can register and then start your shopping experience!

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They have a huge variety of stores, mostly consisted of Lebanese designers and boutiques, where
 you can choose your items based on gender, type, color, season, and price!

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So for example let’s say you have a friend’s wedding or birthday and you want to shop for a dress, you can save so much time by selecting the color and the price range, and there you have so many choices! After you make up your mind on which dress you want to buy, you can go to that specific store and simply buy it without having to search your entire city for a dress!
Another amazing RAGHUNTER service is that you can create your personal wishlist by saving your favorite items, so now you can finally say goodbye to the unwated gift days! You can email that wishlist to your friends which would make both of your lives much easier:) Another increadible service is that you can know when your favorite items are on sale, HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!

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RAGHUNTER really simplified my personal shopping experience and it can do that to you as well, so login and start your new simplified shopping experience now! I am waiting to see all the outfits, accessories, shoes ( the list goes on..) that you chose through RAGHUNTER!

 Lara xx


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