Tuesday Tips: How to Make Your Senior Year Memorable

Happy 1 day before my graduation

Hello everyone! Moving on with my series of #backtoschool posts, today’s posts is very important to all my readers who are going to their senior year!
Coming from a personal experience, I can assure you that your senior year will be the best school year ever! It will consist of  beautiful emotions and experiences especially when you start aproaching the end of the year. School is one of your milestones that will never ever be repeated, so try to make the best of it while it lasts!
When I was a senior, I tried making the best of my year, but I was too distracted with relationship problems which didn’t allow me to live very precious moments to the fullest, that’s why you can follow the tips below to assure a smooth and memorable senior year!

1) First and foremost don’t let a boyfriend or a close friend drama keep you away from enjoying school activities and moments. Those days will only last for a short time, keep them memorable in a positive way!

2) Participate in all school events! This is very important because they are the last activities you will share with your friends and teachers which will bring you closer, and build up beautiful memories for the future.

3) Try to participate in your prom committee. I was a member in my school’s prom committee and despite of all the problems and drama that you might face, later on you will look at it as an enriching life experience. Moreover, planning your fundraising events and your prom will give you the sense of belonging to your school!

4)  Even if it’s senior year, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore your studies! Keep on working hard it will pay off later on in your future, trust me!

5) Take so many pictures, go crazy, and make the best of your graduation & prom. Those will be the best days, make the best of them and don’t let anything or anyone ruin that for you.

If you have any interesting senior year experiences, I would love to know all about them!

Lara xx


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