School Style Guide

Hello everyone! Tomorrow is Monday which means that it might be a school day to many of my readers, that’s why I decided to write a post to give you some school outfit ideas.
School outfits should be very casual, usually a pair of jeans with a t-shirt and converse is the best idea! Try not to wear something too revealing since it’s school and you want to look appropriate and feel comfortable.
Since choosing your outfit everyday for school might be a hassle, follow these tips to save time and look stylish:

1) prepare your clothes the night before
2) Include your personality in your outfit weather in your accessories, hair, etc
3) Try not to wear your favorite items since they might get ruined with ink or other things
4) Keep it simple and cute
5) when it comes to school comfort is above everything else, so choose your outfits accordingly

I decided to choose random outfits from American Eagle, GAP, and Victoria’s Secret since they have the most appropriate school outfits. You can check out their websites for more ideas and inspiration,

 Victoria’s Secret


American Eagle

Have a great week!

Lara xx


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