Tuesday Tips: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Hello everyone! I seriously can’t believe that August is almost done and it’s time for fall fashion & fashion week!!! Aside from fashion, today’s Tuesday Tips topic is on how to keep your bond with your girls strong without any problems or drama.
Our life commitments and our busy schedules can negatively influence our relationship with our girls since we don’t have so much time to hang out and do the fun stuff that we used to do in school. To prevent the icy relationship with your girls and maintain a strong bond all you need to do is follow these tips!

1) Have a group on your whatsapp or any chatting app you have, and let all your girls be on this group. In this way you can communicate more and know the latest updates. Moreover, it facilitates planning for things to do together.

2) Planning ahead of time is very important since everyone is busy with university or work. For this reason, you have to set a date for all of you girls to meet up and go somewhere. It’s very important to set a date because when you keep postponing or simply when you don’t specify a day, you will never go out!

3) Change your routine! Go out to different places, try new restaurants and change timings ( dinner, brunch, lunch…) This will motivate you to keep on thinking of new things to do with your girls which will strengthen your relationship

4) Planning trips together is also an amazing way to keep the bond. Traveling consists of so many activities and new experiences to share with your girls, so try to save up some money each year and plan the perfect getaway with your best friends

5) Don’t allow any boy to take the place of your best friends. This is very important because many girls tend to forget their girls when they are in a relationship. This is very harmful to your relationship with your friends, you need to remember that your girls will be there for you no matter what, so don’t ruin your friendships!

You need to always remember to make time for your girls no matter how busy you are, and always be open and honest with them! I hope you found this useful 🙂

Lara xx 


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