Tuesday Tips: Surviving Your 1st Year of University

It has been a long time since I’ve last posted for Tuesday Tips, but today’s topic is very important and interesting for everyone who’s going to university this fall, or someone who still hasn’t figured out his university life yet. I still remember when I was about to go to university I used to think a lot of what to expect and how my life is going to change, and by now I am sure you are all  anxious and excited to know
The tips below will serve as your guide knowing that I am going to my senior year this fall, and I know more of what to expect and how will things happen.

1) University is not a Fashion Show
One of the best privileges of being a university student is to actually wear whatever you want without any rules and regulations. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s your time to wear everything you can think of! Casual and easy outfits are usually the best no need to wear heels or too much make-up. What I usually do is that I separate my  “big night out” outfits from my casual ones.

2) Be Independent 
By that I mean you should start depending more on yourself and expect nothing from your professors. When you go to university you are responsible for yourself, and NO ONE will help you in university like they used to help you at school especially your teachers! You should take your own notes and be responsible for all your courses. Don’t over stress registration, your classes, or your way around university! We have all been through the feeling of being lost, and we figured things out eventually!

3) It’s Time to Mingle
Usually during the first semester we all tend to take all our classes with our school friends, and partner up for projects also with school friends! This is very normal and I went through this process as well, but as you go to your second semester you should start taking courses based on your preference and not your friends’ schedule. Moreover, you should partner up with people you don’t know for projects and papers. This way you can make more friends and start depending more on yourself.

4) Find Your Hobbies
Joining university clubs is highly recommended! You can get to meet new people, make more friends, and enjoy something that you actually like! I always join clubs though most of them weren’t that organized. Yet, your experience with clubs might be the total opposite, and I have many friends who’s life has changed due to clubs!

5) Work Hard, Play Hard
In general I would really advise you to just enjoy your time! University is supposed to be a life changing experience. In return study hard and put lots of efforts in your courses and you will be rewarded! Don’t assume that you can talk to your professor by the end of the semester to fix your grades because it might not work

If you have any topic that you would like me to cover feel free to email me on laraspeaksstyle@gmail.com

Lara xx


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