Vacation Mode Style

Hello everyone! During this time of the year many of us are packing their bags and heading somewhere for a vacation and some peaceful time. Easy and comfortable fashion is always on our mind and we always want to pack the perfect clothes for this vacation. In today’s post I will be listing some tips for you guys to pack light and look fashionable! Before doing anything you should first check the weather in the place where you are travelling, and ask around to find out if it gets cooler at night etc.
After you check on the weather it’s time to pack which is no easy task! It’s important to pack light because you don’t want to pay money for extra baggage, and because sometimes you end up buying more clothes from the country where you are going, so it’s important to keep some space.
Packing tips:

– Pack 3-4 shorts with few t-shirts for sightseeing during the day
– Pack swimsuits ( 2 – 3 max) you never know, you might be able to find a pool in your hotel ( if you are not      on a beach vacation)
– Don’t forget your hat and your sunglasses, you will desperately need them in the heat during the day
– Pack few dresses
– If you are going to a tropical place make sure you pack some creams against mosquito bites
– While packing your make-up, DO NOT forget your sunscreen
– Have a jacket with you just in case the weather gets unexpectedly cooler
– Pack mostly flats since it’s vacation time
– Prepare your favorite playlist on your iPod- iPhone etc. and some good books for long hours in the bus for sightseeing or boat trips (depends)

Here are some style inspirations

Happy vacation everyone!
Lara xx

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