BBQ With Style

It’s finally Saturday, and today’s post is inspired by the weekend and the hot days of summer! During summer weekends one of the best activities to do is to have a BBQ with friends or family. Whether you are having a bbq by the beach or in nature (depending on where you live), BBQ style is inevitable!
One of my favorite must haves in a BBQ day is definitely my hat, it’s a great protection from the sun, and a stylish addition to your outfit. Moreover, try to look as simple as possible by wearing any t-shirt with shorts or pants (depending on your preference) with some accessorizing. Boho-chic is usually my favorite go to style when I think of a bbq so here are some photos for inspiration.

Remember before you think of style or food, the first thing you must think of is your sunscreen! Have a great weekend 🙂

For more BBQ inspirations check out BBQ Summers to see how I styled my BBQ outfit, and SPF importance

Lara xx 


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