Would You Rather?!

Hello everyone! Today I decided to to change things and post something fun and new which will allow you to know me better in a funny way. Would You Rather is probably the best way to demonstrate that, thanks to my friend and fashion blogger Maya Shokor for the lovely idea! 
These questions are retrieved from http://www.glamour.com, hope you like them 🙂 

1) Which would you rather give up, coffee or accessories?
 Well this is a very easy question, I am not a coffee person I am more into cereal or an iced cup of milk with Nesquik in the morning, so I would definitely give up on coffee and not my precious accessories!

2) Which would you rather be forced to wear: Nursing scrubs and Crocs every time you go to a bar or club, or a slinky sequined mini dress & stilettos every time you go to the doctor? 

Hahaha well I guess wearing nursing scrubs with crocs would be way less embarrassing in a dark place than looking like a prostitute in a place like the hospital lol!!

3)  Would you rather show up to prom wearing the same dress as 3 other girls, or the dress that your mother wore to her prom?

They say vintage is back so I am definitely picking my mom’s prom dress and I’ll do some modifications. Whenever I wear a dress my mom says that back when she was my age the same style was trendy, so that shouldn’t be a problem haha! Besides, my mommy is one of my style inspirations, I’d be honored to wear her prom dress (not trying to sound cheesy) 

4) Which would you rather be the lucky recipient of, a free service to come clean, organize, and style your closet or 100 pairs of shoes?

As a blogger I’d rather have 100 pairs of shoes! Nothing better than being in a sea of shoes lol 

5) Which would you most want to model for, Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover, Victoria’s Secret runway show, or Balenciaga ad campaign?

I would definitely and most certainly choose to model for Victoria’s Secret! Why? Well it’s VICTORIA’S SECRET and I am impressed with the VS ladies beyond words haha

I would love to know your opinion on this post! For all your requests and questions I am waiting for all your emails on laraspeaksstyle@gmail.com

Lara xx 


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