Fashion for a Good Cause : Tamra Prayer Set

Hello everyone and happy weekend! During the week I was impressed by an Amazing project that empowers women through a beautiful charity initiative that is especially made for the holy month of Ramadan. It is a project by two designers who decided to join forces and work for a good cause that every woman should support.

Tamra is a project by Racha El Abbas  and Mona Mikati. It is a collection of prayer covers and prayer beads sets that are hand printed and embellished in young and fresh colors. The collection is sold during the holy month of Ramadan and all profits will be donated towards the cause of Women’s Empowerment through education & training. This project was initiated because they  believe in empowering the woman by helping her achieve new skills that will allow her to contribute to the future of her family and community.
I really loved the prayer sets and the beads, and their beautiful colors. If you are interested in buying the set you can email Mona on, and the shipping is worldwide 
Follow the designers on Instagram (@rachaelabbascollections) and (@mounaydesigns)


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