Designer Crush: Prada Bags

Hello everyone! Today’s designer pick is the Prada tote bag which is a timeless piece shaping pure elegance and sophistication! As a fashion lover, I really love to live with all the fashion trends that are going on, yet I can’t give up on timeless pieces that I consider to be very important in my closet. Shopping for timeless pieces is a very crucial thing, and these pieces add a very elegant and beautiful touch to your style. One of the best timeless pieces ( and expensive haha) is a Prada tote bag!
I really love it’s simplicity and it’s elegance in addition to that, I love that it is not too large or too small  which makes it a must have in my future!
I included my favorite Prada bag, but there many other bags to choose from that you can find on Prada’s website.
Which one is your favorite?

Have a lovely rest of the weekend!
Lara xx 


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