Tuesday Tips: How To Get Ready for a Wedding

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today’s blog post was requested by my best friend and I am sure most of you face similar problems, especially during summer due to the overflow of weddings!
Weddings can be a hassle especially if you are lost between hairstyles, makeup, and the dress you want to wear. If the person getting married is really close to you like a sibling, cousin, or a best friend, you need to start preparing ahead of time by following these steps:

1) Go to many hairdressers and makeup artists, you should have many options to choose the best among them, and the most choice that is suitable for your preferences.

2) Have a set of few dress colors to choose from based on your experience with random outfits, meaning that if your know that a certain color suits your skin tone very well, you might want to buy a dress in that color to look flawless at the wedding. If you are lost between colors, get some advice from a stylist or a fashion lover who can help you choose the most suitable color for you!

3) Widen your options! By that I mean take your time in visiting many boutiques for dresses, you never know where the perfect dress is hidden. It’s really important to search well before you buy to be able to
compare prices and the quality of the dress.

If you are attending a wedding of a person you are not closely related to you can follow these tips:

1) Go for a recycled look, meaning that if you already have some dresses no need to buy a new one! You can add different accessories or shoes to your dress, and you can change your makeup and hair to have a new and refreshed look by wearing your old dress. You can also wear hair accessories that will add a beautiful and stylish look!

2) If you are lost and you are not being able to choose a hairstyle or makeup, you can check magazines and websites like Pinterest for ideas. You can also check my previous blog posts pretty in a ponytailthe perfect bun, and spring braids.  In addition to spring makeup essentials for simple makeup ideas.

3) Try to check out fashion magazines and blogs for outfit inspirations, and if you like a certain look try to replicate it with your existing wardrobe and a simple few additions. In that way you can save time and money!

If you need more help and styling tips for your upcoming wedding, you can email me on laraspeaksstyle@gmail.com and I can be your guide 🙂

Lara xx 


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