Tuesday Tips: Office Survival Kit

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today’s post is inspired by my daily routine now that I am an intern, I am truly living the office girl experience which I normally don’t feel as a university student that’s why I decided to write this post as a guide to all the new interns this summer and the employees at work. Your office can be a very hectic place especially when you have many deadlines and papers to work on, during this time you will notice the need to have an office kit!

1) The first thing you should have in your office ( mini fridge or drawers) is food! Your tummy noises are not always a good idea, especially if you have a meeting. If you don’t always have time to grab lunch, always have some healthy snacks and small sandwiches in your office

2) A moisturizer is also a very important thing that must be in your office. The freezing cold AC in your office can dry up your skin so moisturizing is very important. This includes having a lip balm!

3) Always make sure you have all your chargers with you! Low batteries in laptops or cellphones are a bad idea especially if you have so much work to do

4) If you go to work with your heels make sure you already have an extra pair of flat shoes in your office to avoid the painful feeling of wearing your heels all day. The opposite is true if you go to work with your flats, have a pair of heels in the office in case of an emergency meeting.

5) Have your personal agenda with you at all times! This will help you organize all your meetings and work according to your personal life plans. It can also help you prioritize everything and make sure you don’t forget anything.

Hoping these tips come in handy! Do you have any personal item that you must have in your office? Let me know 🙂

Lara xx 


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