Tuesday Tips: Summer Hair Care

Hello everyone! Today is Tuesday which means it’s time for a new Tuesday Tips post. I really like Tuesday Tips posts because as a reader I love to read about tips and tricks that answer most of my questions, so providing you guys with answers to most of your ongoing questions makes me happy!
During summer our hair is usually something that we like to take extra care of because of the damages that the sun and heat may cause. There are simple tips that you can follow to keep your hair healthy and beautiful without using any chemicals!

1) Let your hair dry naturally: 
   Since in summer its hot, you can let your hair dry naturally to avoid the damages that extra heat may cause to your hair.

2) Use Conditioner 

Hair conditioners are a perfect way to keep your hair moisturized. If you are going for a swim you can apply a leave-in conditioner and wear a hair mask

3) Avoid Chemicals

During summer it’s usually advisable to reduce dyeing your hair, or applying too many hair products to decrease  the damaging and drying effect

4) Trim

Although most of us don’t like to go for haircuts, but trimming your hair every now and then is very essential for your hair especially during summer since it reduces the damaging caused by heat and pools

5) Eat Healthy

There’s no doubt that eating healthy is the key for healthy hair, skin, and anything in general. Eating a balances diet will make your hair healthier and you can have this summer glow!

Retrieved from Style Craze

You can also find more hair tips on food for healthier hair, and spring braids

Lara xx 


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