Tuesday Tips: Fashion Failures

Hello everyone! Today on Lara Speaks Style I am gonna do things the opposite way, instead of tips on what to do, I will provide some tips on what not to wear to avoid fashion crimes. We see so many fashion disasters on the red carpet, but it is not something that we would usually do ( because it is overdone) since celebrities usually need some attention. However, many of us commit fashion crimes without even knowing!
Here are a list of some fashion no nos according to my opinion 🙂

1) Torn Leggings: I can deal with torn jeans and all that, but one thing I can’t tolerate is torn leggings. It is more “normal” with jeans because it is more subjected to being torn, but wearing torn leggings will make your look more vulgar and inappropriate.

2) Short Shirt + Leggings: Wearing short shirts with leggings is one of the fashion disasters that many ladies commit. Usually leggings show the exact form of your body since they are tight, that’s why it is preferable to wear it with long shirts to keep your body looking flattering.

3) Don’t go too matchy matchy: Color blocking is very stylish and fashionable while going matchy matchy is a complete disaster that you don’t want to commit.

4) Accessorizing: Don’t overdo your accessorizing! So if you are wearing a statement necklace, no need for huge earrings and vice versa. I see this fashion mistake especially in weddings and parties so try to avoid it as much as possible.

5) Watch it with the animal prints: Animal prints are a huge trend this season but you should be careful, wearing an over-all animal look is just a complete disaster!

Always remember that simplicity is beauty, and the key to being fashionable and stylish is looking classy with a little bit of edge. Always include your personality in what you wear and avoid the trashy look which is sadly perceived as sexy nowadays.

Don’t forget to always check my blog to stay updated on what is trendy this season, this is only the first set of fashion no nos, stay tuned for more tips soon!

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Lara xx 


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