Tuesday Tips: Overdressed or Under-dressed?

Being overdressed or under-dressed is always an issue that concerns us, that’s why in today’s Tuesday Tips edition I will be giving you basic guidelines to avoid such conflict. Lets say you are at work or you just finished classes, and your friends call you to go out for dinner, your overly casual look won’t work that’s why you should always have an emergency kit with you.
Always have a makeup kit with you to fix your makeup and add a colorful lipstick to suit the occasion. Moreover, have some bracelets and earrings in your bag to accessorize your look and avoid being too casual. One of the most important things to include in your bag is perfume because after a long day you will need some perfume to smell fresh during the night.
Now if you look overdressed for work or for  a certain event and you want to look more casual for the rest of the day, what you can do is reduce your makeup, remove some accessories, wear some flats if you have them with you.
Remember that with some essential must haves in your purse you can shift your look to suit every occasion in emergency cases!

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Lara xx


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