Simplicity is Beauty

In my opinion, If a person wants to make a fashion statement simplicity is the key, and as the saying goes ” simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. This saying is absolutely true because one simple item with a bit of accessorizing can really change your look to the better. Today’s post is about one of the trendiest things we are seeing this season, its the t-shirt trend! You can wear any basic t-shirt you have, pair it with printed pants or your boyfriend jeans, you can add basic accessories or a statement necklace,and you got the perfect look for a night out! No need for fancy outfits anymore, your basic t-shirt can do the trick which is amazing!

I really love to stress the importance of recycled looks ( wearing the same outfit in different ways) and t-shirts are just a very useful way to change from your casual everyday look, to a sophisticated look for a big night out. 
Playing with your accessories or your makeup/hairstyle can really play a huge role in your look, that is why buying new things for every single occasion is useless sometimes.
Here are some looks and remember always be creative with fashion 🙂 

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Lara xx

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