Nicoletta Parodi Bags

I first met  Nour Toubia few months ago at the launch of her bag collection Nicoletta Parodi at Leanna’s Boutique. I instantly fell in love with the bags and today I am featuring the FIRST part  of her summer collection on the blog.

Nour is a Libano/Italian Interior Architect/ Bag Designer based in Beirut. After her graduation from the Lebanese American University, she realized that Interior Architecture and fashion are linked and related so she started with her line.

When I asked her on the reason behind the name of her bags I was positively shocked! Nour’s role model and inspiration behind the name of her bags is her Italian grandmother, and one of the biggest actresses from the 1940s, Nicoletta Parodi!

Her love for bags inspired Nour to create something special that could have meaning and transcribe her emotions into something unique, special, and classy.

Nour’s first collection was launched on October 2012, and last week she launched her second collection ” La Storia di Una Caprinera” named after the movie of her grandmother. She adds that her handbags are made in her atelier in Beirut. 
When I asked her about what inspired her in her new collection, she said that her collection still reflects the style we saw in her first collection, but is moved to another level and style. As I mentioned before this is only part 1 of her collection and the second part is soon to be launched. 

Nicoletta Parodi is available at Leanna’s Boutique in Saifi, Kulte by Kika in Verdun, Raspberry Diva in Jounieh (Lebanon), also at, online boutique (Dubai) and at Fashion Spot (Jeddah).

Price range are between 90 and 200$.

 Contact  on facebook as the website is still under construction:
Follow onTwitter: ParodiNicoletta
Instagram: ParodiNicoletta

Tel: 009613 70 82 99 82

Please note that the collection will be available by the end of the month, so don’t forget to buy these bags to start your Summer fashionably 🙂 

Lara xx 


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