How to Wear Your Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are a huge trend now, but many of us hesitate to wear them because of our curves or height.

There are a few tips for you guys to look flawless and beautiful with your boyfriend jeans because in fact, we can all look good in them.
 1) My biggest tip for you is to not wear pants that would look freakishly large on you! Let them fit your your natural hip well so that they would look good on you (especially if you have curvy hips).
2) If you are a petite girl, make sure you wear heels with your boyfriend jeans, that is because these jeans in particular usually make your legs seem shorter, wearing them with heels will make you look much better and stylish ( as you will see in the pictures).
3) Add a pop of color weather in your shoes or bags to give your “boyish” look a feminine and fashionable touch.
4) Blazers and large t-shirts usually look the best with boyfriend jeans!
5) The final touch would be with your accessories and hairstyle. Buns and pony tails look absolutely stunning with boyfriend jeans so give them a try ( with your over-sized sunglasses of course!) 
Here are some pictures that apply to the tips I just gave you 🙂 

You can check out the perfect bunpetite girl style guide, and the box clutch for more ideas which might help you in styling your boyfriend jeans!
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