Neon & Festivities

Hello everyone! This weekend was a crazy crazy weekend, in spite of having all the exams in the world, I attended AUB Outdoors which is a 2 day carnival with fun games and concerts.
Now that I had this blog for 5 months, I like to include more of my personal life and not only style tips and tricks so that you guys know more about me!
Now back to AUB Outdoors, this event in particular is very special and important to me, I have been attending it for the past consecutive 8 years! I really love going there to see my friends and see some other friends that I haven’t seen for a long time.
For the outfit, I chose something very colorful and fresh, and the best part is definitely my Eudora Accessories headband!
Here are a few photos 🙂

T-shirt: Polo Garage – Istanbul
Shorts: Mango 
Cross bag: Aldo
Headband: Eudora Accessories
Sunnies: Charles & Keith 

To see more pictures of what’s going on in my life follow me on Instagram @laraspeaksstyle

Lara xx


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